Church at Home - April 26th

Weekly resources for you to have church at home during the self-isolation.

April 26, 2020 - 10:30am




Stormy Weather (Week 2):

“God made rules for the rain. And he set a path for a thunderstorm to follow.”. - Job 28:26

Howling wind. Pounding rain. Booming thunder. Lightning streaking across the sky. You know what that is - it’s a storm!

Scientifically speaking, a storm in any serious disturbance in the Earth’s atmosphere. There are storms of wind, hail, snow, and even dust, but the most common storms are thunderstorms. They have dark clouds, heavy rain, lightning, thunder, and strong winds. Thunderstorms happen when hot, moist air rises up and meets cooler air. As the warm air cools, clouds, rain, and lightning form. Meanwhile, the cooler air sinks toward the ground, creating strong winds. Some 1,800 thunderstorms happen across our planet every single day! And that’s not counting all the other kinds of storms. Thunderstorms, snowstorms, and dust storms are all usually violent, often dangerous, and definitely scary.

But don’t worry. Jesus knows a thing or two about storms. He once walked through a storm at sea - right on top of those angry waves. They didn’t even slow Him down (Matthew 14:22-33). Another time, He slept through a storm, at least until His disciples woke Him up. Then He told that storm to hush and be still (Mark 4:35-41). The thing is, you’re going to have storms in your life - thunderstorms, friend storms, family storms, or maybe even a faith storm. But know this: Jesus is ready to walk with you through the storms. So ask Him for help. He’ll be with you from the first glimpse of storm clouds until the Sun comes out again.

Lake Maracaibo - There’s a place in Venezuela, around Lake Maracaibo (mar-uh-KAHY-boh), where the storm almost never ends! For about 300 days each year, lightning zaps down an average of 28 strikes per minute and sometimes unleashes up to 3,600 bolts an hour, or one per second! Known as Catatumbo (ka-tah-TOOM-boh) lightning, this storm is so fierce and powerful that it can be seen up to 250 miles away.

Dear Lord, when storms come in - in the skies, in the people around me, or in my heart - help me to remember that You are right there with me and that You are bigger than any storm!



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